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Guild Recruitment

Relic Is Recruiting!

Thanks for your interest in joining Relic! We are a small raiding guild, looking to expand enough to move into 25-man content. We currently are raiding Karazhan, but lack sufficient numbers to progress further. With that in mind, the following classes are currently open for recruitment:

  • Rogue - High Priority
  • Druid (Resto) - High Priority
  • Warrior (Prot) - High Priority
  • Paladin - High Priority
  • Shaman (Resto) - High Priority
  • Priest - Medium Priority
  • Mage - Medium Priority
  • Warlock - Low Priority
  • Hunter - Low Priority

Keep in mind that even if your class isn't listed as a high priority, we are still interested in talking to you. Quality people are always welcome in Relic, regardless of class or spec. Please fill out a brief questionnaire and then look for any of us online. Understand that we do require new members to already have Karazhan attunement completed.

In your first few weeks with Relic, we'll do our best to get to know you and include you in groups and/or raids. Following a successful trial period, we'll make a decision to promote you to full member status. If it is not a good fit, we will do our best to part ways in a positive manner. We will NOT simply boot you without communicating what we feel is an issue preventing promotion, and will always give you an opportunity to remedy any potential problems.

Please contact us in game if you have any questions about Relic or about the recruitment process. Look forward to hearing from you!

  • Officer, Tank Class Leader: Icebergslim
  • Officer, Healer Class Leader: Stum
  • Officer, DPS Class Leader: Mittrian
  • Guild Leader: Meekrob